Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Magnolia Market/Fixer Upper

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day in Waco, Texas.  The night before there were severe thunderstorms in the area.  I slept well with the rain pouring, wind howling and flashes of lightening.

After putting the Christmas decorations in the attic, my mom and I headed to Magnolia Market. The marketplace is a retail store created by Wacoans Chip and Joanna Gaines.  Products that are featured on the HGTV show, "Fixer-Upper" are sold at the store.

Magnolia Market is more than a retail store.  There is something for everyone.  As I walked on the lawn, it was fun watching the children throw bean bags, kick balls and play on the swings.  Because of the rain the night before, there was mud all around the swings.  Children were taking off their shoes and were playing in the mud and water.  It was great seeing kids being kids!

The food trucks were stationed around the marketplace.  I grabbed a bite at the Cheddar Box and then a delicious cupcake from the Silos Bakery.

The landmark for Magnolia Market are the silos.  These two 120-foot-tall silos were completed in 1950.  Waco owed a great portion of its success to the cotton industry.  In 1900, cottonseed was second to lumber.  These silos have remained even when cotton was no longer in demand.  Chip and Joanna love to take old homes and restore them back to life.  This is what they have done with the Silos.

If you are ever in Texas, you definitely need to stop by Magnolia Market and enjoy the surroundings!

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  1. I love places like this. Jilda and I visited a place in Grand Rapids that was an old bomb factory (I think). It was a great place to shop and eat.