Monday, May 1, 2017

Asking God Why

Today was a nice spring day!  The snow from Saturday has already melted and the grass is very lush and green from the moisture.

As I was looking through my photos today, I came across this picture of the yellow hibiscus that I took in Hawaii about a year ago.  Seeing that picture put a smile on my face.  I know that summer is right around the corner.

As I reflected on the various seasons, I thought about the seasons of my own life.  The roller coast of life.  There are those stormy days as well as those bright yellow sun shiny days.

The sermon on Sunday was the continuation of suffering.  The pastor stated "that we sometimes think that falling apart in the midst of suffering demonstrates a lack of faith--that those who trust God most fully won't feel hurt, depression, frustration, disappointment, hopelessness, anger or "Asking God Why".  In the Bible we see that God welcomes honest expressions of sorrow.  Expressing our sorrow and grief isn't a sign of unbelief.  It is a bold demonstration of faith in a God who welcomes us as we are."

The other day I read a story about a woman whose son was killed in a plane accident in 1947.  She just couldn't understand "why this accident happened".    A note from her son arrived a few days after his death.  He had written a note to his mother on a piece of paper he had picked up in the terminal. The paper was a piece of an advertisement with the single word "WHY"? written across the center. The son had written his note to his mother around the "WHY"?

We all have asked God, "Why".  Nothing can ever prepare us for moments when we are devastated from tragic news.

Remember Job.  He lost everything; his children, his livestock, his servants, etc.  He even broke out in boils.  Why?

God is all presence and all sovereign and He is always present!  Keep asking Him.  He is listening. God can handle everything for us.  He wants us to come before Him.

Such as Job, the mother stopped asking "WHY"? when she saw the "WHO"? behind all circumstances.

One day we will know.  Just trust Him.  You will see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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