Sunday, June 19, 2016

Let It Begin

Today is the beginning of a wonderful adventure with blogging.  Through this journey, I am hoping that people's lives will be touched by learning how to step out and to discover the spirit that lives within themselves.

We all have fears of something, from being afraid to ask for help or direction to being afraid to loving someone in fear of being rejected.

May this blog give you the strength to conquer the dragons that live within you!

This weekend I have had the opportunity to visit a friend, Jilda, who I met 24 years ago at the Dallas Apparel Market.  Even though we don't live within the same state, we have stayed friends through cards, texting and calling each other.  It has been 15 years since we have seen each other.  It has been a great reunion! Jilda and her husband, Rick, are bloggers.  My husband has been encouraging me for over a year to blog because he felt I had something to say.  Because of the words "fear" and "being rejected", I haven't done it.  Jilda and Rick are taking me by the hand and assisting me with the steps of setting up a blog. We all need someone to encourage us, to take us by the hand and be that "voice" to direct us through the path of life.  So thank you Kenny and Jilda and Rick for being that "voice".

So let's begin the journey of "Stepping Out and Shining Through"!


  1. Find your voice, tell your story, and the world will be a better place.

  2. So excited you are STEPPING OUT! I can hardly wait to see how the gifts God has given you SHINE THROUGH in your writings!

  3. I hope you enjoy blogging. I've been doing it for a long time now and love it. Your friend Rick mentioned your blog in his post today and I wanted to stop by and welcome you to bloggerville!

  4. Welcome. My children have been after me for years to write a book because they love the stories of our family. I tried but it is so hard to organize the tales in a way that makes sense. Blogging has become the perfect way to keep the stories because I can write them as they pop into my mind.