Thursday, June 23, 2016

Touching Lives

This must be my week of reconnecting with friends and family.

Another morning of heading to the airport to catch a flight to San Antonio for a family reunion with family members that I haven't seen in almost 6 years.

Also I have reconnected through Facebook with students that now live in the San Antonio area. I was their teacher's aide in the 70's.  Those were fond memories teaching students math, English, history, etc.

This afternoon I met with 2 of the students, Kay and Beth.  I hadn't seen Beth in almost 29 years and I saw Kay about 2 years ago when I was "waltzing across Texas visiting family & friends."  We spent almost 3 hours talking about their lives, their marriage, their children and other students that also attended the school.

As I always say, everybody has a story.  We all have had different walks in life.  Our walks have made us who we are.  I know when I think of my past, I think of good and bad choices that I have made. But I know these choices are what have developed my character.

Kay & Beth, you touched my life today.  This afternoon I saw such great character and attributes, as we talked.

* your marriages - you each have been married 30+ years
* your children - Kay, your 3 children and Beth, your 8 children
* empathy that you have for family and friends
* smiles on each of your faces
* laughter as we discussed humorous topics
* honesty - you have spoken the truth to your children
* the love that you have for family and friends
* determination - Beth you went back to school after so many years to get your nursing degree. Kay, your determination to adopt a child from another country.
* your walk with God.  In giving Him the glory through all your trials and tribulations.

I am thankful that I had the opportunity today to visit with you 2 and to hear your "story".

Just remember that you are "touching lives".  You touched mine today!


  1. Sweet, welcome aboard. It is always good to touch base and 'reconnect'. Looking forward to more 'stuff' on the blog as time goes on. I do hope you enjoy blogging. I connected thru Rick. They really enjoy re-connecting, that is for sure!

  2. I heard about your blog from Rick Watson. You're in inspired writer and I look forward to more posts. I hope you'll visit me sometime at

  3. A great post. Seeing and hearing how these students from your past have prospered is validating.
    Over here from from Rick's post.

  4. Welcome to Blogland!! Rick sent me over, too. If you like to laugh, please check our my posts at

  5. This was an uplifting look at life. I enjoyed reading about your experience of catching up with people from your past. I came directly from Rick's post today but I will be back because I liked being here.

  6. Hi there, good friends are hard to come by, but that just could be me as I don't have many friends as I am pretty much a loner, well a loner with a husband and three daughters and 4 grandchildren. A loner who is rarely alone.

    Oh yeah you can blame Rick for me coming by and guess what I will be back don't freak out I am a nice person, just ask anyone who doesn't know me very well and they will tell you

  7. Hey Denise, I see some of my blog buddies have visited you. You sound like you've had a good week, but I'll bet you'll be glad to spend some home time when it's over.