Saturday, September 24, 2016

At The End of the Day

This morning I woke up to 43 degrees weather.  The windows were open and I was snuggled under the blankets to keep me warm.  After my morning coffee, Bob, Deb and I took off to Horsetooth Reservoir to hike to the Horsetooth Falls.

By the time, we get to the reservoir, the temperature is in the 60's.  The trail will take us to the falls which are dried up until next spring when the snow begins to melt.  Hard to believe that in two months, we could have snow on the ground.

Along the 2 1/2 mile round trip, we encountered the beautiful fall foliage along the trail.  People were walking the trails with their dogs and their children.  Everyone is enjoying the last few days of nice, sunny weather before the temperature begins to get colder.

After the hike, we drove home to do some chores and get ready for company for dinner.

The day ended sitting outside and enjoying the cooler temperatures, as well as sitting around the fire
pit admiring the beautiful sunset and listening to the chimes as the wind made them sing.

The beautiful flowers along the trail.

Ladybug on this yellowish flower.

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  1. My weekend was pretty good spent all day Saturday home alone more or less and that of course I liked and Sunday had all the girls minus Tasha here for lunch then Tim and I went over to my parents place so he could do stuff with the caravan then home to a empty house just me and Tim here so a nice afternoon as he was in his office and I was in the lounge room watching telly and sorting out the medication for the week