Saturday, September 17, 2016


This past week has been a long week.  I flew out on Monday to Chicago to do a presentation on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I flew to Nashville, to do a presentation on Thursday.  And I flew back to Colorado on Friday.  The presentations went well.

I was able to get some time off on Wednesday afternoon to enjoy Nashville.  I have never been there before and I read about Nashville all the time.  I got all of my work done early on Wednesday and I took a shuttle into Downtown Nashville.  I only had a few hours, but I took advantage of my time.

I went by the Hatch Show Print. This was established in 1879 and reflects the history of American advertising and entertainment.  It is one of the oldest letterpress print shops in America.    The posters that are created here are very unique.  Each are individually handcrafted and inked onto paper in a technique that dates back several centuries.  Musicians and entertainers from around the world have Hatch Show Print design and print their posters.

From there I proceeded northwest to the Tennessee State Capitol. On the way, I walked through the Music City Walk of Fame Park.  Four blocks later, I arrived at the capitol and walked the grounds to see the monuments.  The monuments included statues of two presidents, Andrew Jackson and James Polk.  They were both from Tennessee.  The Capitol first opened in 1859, and it is one of only twelve state capitols that does not have a dome.

After walking the grounds of the capitol, I headed southeast to the George Jones Museum and Rooftop Bar.

From the Rooftop, you can see the stadium where the Tennessee Titans play and the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge on the Cumberland River.  The bridge is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world at almost 1 mile.  The Cumberland River is a major waterway of Nashville, Tennessee and Kentucky.

The reflection of the bridge off the water was spectacular as well as the soft pink clouds against the baby blue sky.  With the warm weather and no wind, the sunset was breathtaking.

After listening to several young ladies perform, I then headed to Broadway to view the lights and hear the various bands as I passed the restaurants along this busy street.  

It was getting dark and I needed to get back to the hotel. I walked pass the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum and  then across the street to the Music City Center where the shuttle would pick me up.  

I seized the opportunity to enjoy another city in our great country!

Tennessee State Capitol

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  1. We love Nashville. There is a lot of history there.