Friday, March 31, 2017

Celebration of Spring

Spring is a time for celebration.  Hopefully it is the end of winter storms and cold temperatures.

As I walked through Macy's, Herald Square, in New York City, the fragrance of blossoms and the vibrant colors are all around me.  The Flower Festival is being hosted on the first floor of Macy's for the next two weeks. This is the seventh year for this Flower Festival.

The theme of  "Carnival" is all around me.  The various flower arrangements cover the ticket booth, as well as the entrance into the "Midway". The carousel of animals, such as the rooster, rabbits and horses are represented throughout the store.  Flowers are in abundance!

The outside windows are landscaped with the various themes for spring.  One window represents, a merry-go-round.  The horses are layered with fresh flowers in colors of pink, red and white.  Another window says "Welcome to the Carnival" with a face of a clown with a bright red nose surrounded by yellow, red, purple and blue flowers.

The floral extravaganza is waking up my soul.  It reminds me that there is a new season to my life. Chuck Swindoll said "that we need to realize that the same Lord who renews the trees with buds and blossoms, who renews the grass with green in place of brown, is ready to renew your life with hope and courage."  As I read these words, I know that the valleys and mountains in my life are like the seasons.  Winter is over and spring is here to give you the encouragement and hope that you need to blossom.

Celebrate Life!

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