Monday, March 20, 2017


This morning as I opened the front door, I could feel the coolness in the air; hear the finches singing; see the pink clouds in the east and smell the clean air.  It is official, it is the "first day of spring".

To me spring is all about new beginnings; new births and a new life.

This evening, I received a text and then a call from a young lady that worked for me three years ago in New York.  We have not spoken to each other since I moved to Colorado at the end of 2014.

She told me that she was in a place in her life that she wanted to make some changes, but she was not for sure what direction that was.  She always appreciated the respect that I showed her and that she always thought of me as a mentor.  Those words that she spoke brought tears to my eyes. We always wonder what impressions we leave with others.  

I felt honored that she thought of me.  I told her to send me her resume.  I have always thought that one of my gifts was encouragement.  1 Thessalonians 5:11 says "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."  Encouragement offers a lot to someone.  It helps that person to finish well.  

Most people have some direction in life.  They just need someone to be their "cheerleader" and to help them across the finish-line.  I want this young lady to believe in herself and have the confidence to be the best that she needs to be.  She needs to take responsibility for her life, instead of leaving it to chance.  

My prayer is that God will give me the wisdom to guide and to support her in the decisions that she does make!

This phone call reminded me that today is the first day of spring and this is the first day for this young lady to start making right decisions for her future. 

God does work in mysterious ways!


  1. We sometimes move people in ways that we don't alway see. I get inspired every time I'm around you. I wish Jilda and I lived closer to you and Kenny.

  2. Rick thank you for the kind words! I found a cute coffee house that I think you & Jilda would be great at.

  3. Sometimes we don't realise the affect we have on people then something happens to bring it home to us