Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year from the Dawn Princess!

New Year's Day was spent at sea!

It was a beautiful, sunny and easy sailing day.

There is much to do during a sea day.

The top deck is open with swimming pools, hot tubs, shuffle board, walking track, a fitness room and a big screen for movies.

On other decks throughout the ship, there are many other activities occurring throughout the day and night.

The crew of approximately 800+ people keep the ship moving like clock-work.  The crew is comprised of 54 different nationalities of various ages and length of service.

The crew has their own accommodations throughout the ship.  It is apparent that their great service is what keeps people coming back.

Our stateroom steward, Heinrich, is from the Philippines.  He is married with two older children.  He has been working for the Princess Cruise line for 18 years.  He sails ten months and is off two months.

Ruel, our dining room steward is also from the Philippines and is not married.  He has been working for the cruise line for 16 years.

I would highly recommend a cruise if you have never been on one.  A cruise in the South Pacific on the Princess is a one of a kind experience.


  1. We have to cruise again and soon. Love your posts.

    1. Thanks for your feedback!
      Yes, it is time for you & Jilda to take a cruise.

  2. We've been on several cruises & loved them all!!

  3. Yes cruising is bloody awesome, I love it, been on two cruises with P & O and the next one will be with Princess cruises

    1. Very impressed with the Princess Cruise line!