Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lessons We Learn from Geese

Life lessons are learned from our surroundings, especially from nature.

I enjoy the outdoors because of the beauty and the creatures that God has created. There is also the feel of the warm sun rays or the coolness of the air or the wind blowing in my face.

There are days that I am out walking and hear the honking of the geese as they fly over.  The honking reminds me that they are encouraging the stray geese to stay in formation.  This is one of the lessons that we learn from nature is to encourage others around us.

The "V" formation increases the flight efficiency by 71% compared to one bird flying alone.  This shows us as the geese work together as a team that they get to their destination quicker and easier. We need to remember this when we work with others.  We can reach our goals faster with a team, instead of going alone.

When the leader of the geese gets tired, he goes to the end of the "V" formation and allows another goose to take the lead.  If only we could remember this.  It is okay to share leadership.  We should have a respect for others, share tasks and that we should share our talents and resources.

By encouraging each other, we are motivating and assisting each other to rise above any challenges that may bring them down.

Next time you are outside, stop and look around and you may learn a life lesson from your surroundings!


  1. Ok this was interesting, once I got past the fact it had nothing to do with Greeks yeah I read Greeks not Geese, I don't know why just did

    1. Funny! There could be some lessons we learn from Greeks.