Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Break Away from the Routine

I am sitting here this morning, planning out my day by making my to do list.  I am getting ready for my friends, Ruthie & Rita, who are flying in this afternoon.  I need to wash clothes, water plants, go to the store, and bake cookies.

All of the sudden, I remember where I was a week ago today.  I was sitting on the swing at the beach house drinking coffee, looking out at the Gulf of Mexico and watching the sunrise.

I picture my legs walking on the sand and feeling the surf as it runs across my feet.  I walk slowly as the sun was rising, picking up seashells that the tide had brought in.   Most of the seashells were broken, yet some shells were whole, having survived the crashing of the waves.

I had no worries for the day, no to do list.  Is it only a week ago?

My life is such a routine.  But I need a routine, to be able to accomplish tasks throughout the day.  If I just got up every morning with nothing to do, I would do nothing.  Nothing accomplishes nothing!

It is good for the spirit "to break away from the routine".   To spread our wings like the seagulls, and to fly with the wind.

Breaking away allows me to get out of my box and remove the blinders that cover my eyes.  So often, I feel that I do have blinders on, and I don't see beyond a few inches.  It feels good to see beyond the horizon and to dream.   Without dreams, we can't move beyond a certain spot.  Dreams are what gives us life and growth.  Dreams lift us out of routine into living!

Allow yourself to get out of your routine.  Once you do this, your routines will flow so much smoother and you will have a joy that will keep you going!


  1. Im bad about routine. Thanks for taking me on a walk down the beach.

  2. I do my best work when I break my routine. It somehow give me a few point of view.

  3. I agree, and this is the reason I don't blog on vacations. I store up the experiences and write about them when I return.