Sunday, July 17, 2016

Building Sandcastles

It was a great week with my family and seeing friends.  It was a nice break.   Seven days without WIFI and cell phone usage.   Now back to reality.

It was very relaxing to listen to the surf, soak up the sun, and play in the sand.  I love to build and design a sandcastle.  I don't know why, but I just love putting my hands in the sand and feeling the grit.  No one wants to assist me with the castle.  They just enjoy watching me.

I always build my sandcastle away from the surf.  This way I don't have to worry about the surf destroying my castle.  I work on the castle every day that I am at the beach, adding on different designs.  I have a bucket of tools that I work with.  I use various molds to utilize in my design

I just sit down in the sand and I begin to create.  I don't have any blueprints.  I just allow the mood of the moment to move me.  Every year my sandcastles are different.  I start out by reconstructing last years sandcastle, but then something happens and I begin to construct something totally different.

As I design the castle, my senses take over.  I hear the waves coming in and hear the seagulls and feel the sun on my back.  There is something about creating something from scratch.  You allow your personality to take over and you feel free to create.  There is no rhyme or reason or right or wrong.

Most of my life is very structured in what I do on a daily basis.  Designing without a plan and no one instructing me in what to do allows my free spirit to create.

This year's sandcastle started out one way, but after an hour or so, I decided the design was not good, so I began to begin walls with an opening and a moat around it.  By the second day, I began to construct towers on top of the wall and around the wall.  Third day, I began to collect seashells and made mosaic walls for the castle. Then I began to add moldings of dolphins, octopus, fishes, seahorses, etc.

On my last day on the beach, I felt as if I had created a masterpiece.  It was Denise's masterpiece. Accomplishing something does make me feel successful.  This is something that I need to remember as I handle daily tasks.  Take the assignment, do my best and allow my spirit to create!


  1. Sand is a wonderfully malleable substance and I can't resist creating something when I'm at the beach.

  2. Building a sand castle is a wonderful way to just chill and enjoy the sun and sand

  3. SpI love playing in the sand, but I'm not much of a builder. Mine always look sad. But Like you, I think the building is therapeutic.