Thursday, July 7, 2016

Leaving On A Jet Plane....

This morning I headed to the airport to fly to Dallas, Texas.  I love airports and I love to fly.  Most of my friends and family would be happy to never set foot in another airport or airplane.  I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the airport.  There is always something happening.

I remember my first flight.  I was 20 years old and I was flying from Dallas, Texas to Washington, D.C. to visit family and friends.  Even though I was anxious, I loved every minute of it.  I still have the photos from that first flight.

One wonders what went through the minds of Orville and Wilbur Wright as they flew the world's first successful airplane?  What were they thinking?

Maybe the one reason that I enjoy flying is that I love to travel.  When you travel, you are discovering new places and meeting new people.  There is always a new story to hear or a new adventure happening.

As you are sitting in the plane and looking out of the plane seeing that panoramic view from 35,000 feet in the air and traveling at about 575 mph, you begin to see and understand the greatness that God has created.  In the winter, to fly over the Rocky Mountains and see the snow packed mountains, you are in awe of the beauty.

A perfect flight is having a smooth flight with no turbulence or no crying children or talkative people around you.  I do enjoy the quietness of the flight and just being still.  I have discovered that I read more books when I fly because of the quietness and flight-time.  There is also the enjoyment of when the plane hits the tarmac and you know you have arrived safely.

Yes, there are those flights that are delayed because of weather or maintenance and you have to sit around the airport all day.  During those times, I have met some interesting folks.  I have had to learn that I am not in control and circumstances happen.

As I head to the airport, I am always thinking or humming "Leaving on a jet plane, all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..."  This song was written by John Denver in 1966 and was recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary.  And here we are 50 years later, still singing "Leaving on a jet plane..."

Flying has opened up a brand new world for me.  It definitely has allowed me to "step out and to shine through".

The next time your flight is delayed, try to relax and meet someone new.  You never know what new story could come out of that delay.


  1. Dallas you say? So much misery there today. So sad. I hope the terrible tragedy doesn't impact your trip.

  2. This is not a happy time to be in Dallas!!

  3. I enjoy flying too. I'd never been much further than my hometown whe I was drafted in 1971. Soon I was winging my way to New York and later that year, to Central America.
    I realized then that it was something I enjoyed.