Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Joining the FitBit Craze

I have always been conscience of what I eat and I do walk a lot.  As you get older, you forget that your metabolism slows down and you seem not to exercise as much and your food intake seems to grow. So what if you had that extra bowl of ice cream at 10 pm?  And before you know it, you are wondering where did those extra pounds come from.

The beginning of 2016, my sister and I decided that we needed to do something about our increase of pounds.  Either our clothes were shrinking or we were eating more.  Of course, you want to blame the dryer for shrinking your clothes or maybe it is the dry cleaners? 

The first of January, we joined "Weight Watchers".  This was a new experience for both of us.  My sister lives in Texas and I live in Colorado.  We decided that we could encourage each other long distance(826 miles to be exact).  And that is exactly what we have done for the past seven months.

There were so many things that we both enjoy about "Weight Watchers".  The app is great!  The weekly meetings are encouraging and you feel like you are not on this particular journey by yourself. Weight Watchers has definitely reprogrammed our way of eating.  We are being mindful of our portions and our intake.  We are walking more, etc.

In the past seven months, I have lost approximately 30 pounds.  I will say, I do feel more fit, more energized and more confident.  I don't look at food as a reward or something to comfort me during stressful or sad times.  I look at food for what it is.  It is to give my body the vitamins and minerals that it needs to keep me going.

I have also increased my walking and adding on weights, stretches, etc.  About two weeks ago, my husband surprised me with a fitbit.  At first, I thought I don't need this.  I know exactly what I need to do.  I was surprised.  The fitbit has changed my outlook.  I am now more committed to exercising. I would say, I am now addicted to it. 

The fitbit starts everyone off with a 10,000 step goal.  I have risen to the challenge.  I get up first thing in the morning and get in at least 40 minutes of walking and then the rest of the day I am able to get in all my steps.  It does make you conscience of how much walking you do daily.

My best day of steps was when I was in New York City.  I did 20,000 steps in one day.  Wow!  I did take taxis and subways on that day, but I also did a lot of walking.  I just didn't realize how much walking I was doing.

I am getting older and I know that my intake of food and exercising will be what I need for the best health insurance.  The health insurance to keep my blood pressure low, to keep my cholesterol low and to keep the pounds off.  

My sister also has a fitbit.  She enjoys it, but she is not possessed by it.  Her forte is yoga and pilates. She is an instructor at the YMCA.  While we were on our Galveston trip, she taught my mother and I yoga positions.  I have attached a picture of her instructing my mom.

The Weight Watchers and the fitbit is a new journey for me and it is helping me "to step-out and to shine-through".

Gotta go.  Got to get in my 10,000+ steps for the day!


  1. Ive enjoyed my fitbit over two years now. LOVE IT. You can also link your fitbit to your health app on your iphone and also if you have blue cross blue shield insurance, you can link it to that too to earn a good health record. I even Have mine fitbit linked to Walgreen Pharmacy and steps I take give earn me awards for discounts!

    1. Thanks for the additional information!

    2. Yep. We love our FitBits. I had tow lower. Y steps a while back while getting injections in my knees, but I'm back on the bus :) so to speak.

  2. I really need to get this old body moving more

  3. Today is a new day. Take one step at a time! You can do it!