Sunday, August 14, 2016

What Restores Your Soul?

Here it is already the middle of August and I can feel autumn in the air.  Even though it is 91 degrees, I can feel a coolness in the breeze.

My morning started off nicely with attending church.  I enjoy the church that I attend.  There are three pastors that share teaching the messages on a weekly basis.  Their messages always seem to hit home with me.

Today's message was "Remember the Rhythm".  Cultivating a day of rest and restoring our soul. This is something that I have to work at.  Finding something to help me relax and to give me a peace.

We live in such a society that there really isn't a day of doing "nothing".  Everyday is filled with something from going to work; running errands; attending sports activities and the list goes on.

I remember in the 60's when stores and a lot of restaurants were closed on Sunday.  As I take road trips, it is always nice to go through a small community on a Sunday and notice that all the shops are closed.

One of the verses that comes to mind about rest is Genesis 2:2-3"By the seventh day God finished what he had been doing and stopped working.  He blessed the seventh day and set it apart as a special day, because by that day he had completed his creation, and stopped working."  So even God rested. He wants us to take one day to restore our soul.

The Sabbath was made for us.  For us to become whole again.  We forget that our body needs time to get rejuvenated so that we can be rested and ready to seize each day.

The pastor stated that "God placed a rhythm in his good creation.  We see the rhythm in the way the day gives way to night, in the way the summer gives way to fall, and in the way waves climb up the beach and then recede back again.  In the relentless busyness of our lives, we often forget the rhythm between work and rest.  So today is about remembering the Sabbath day and discovering how we enjoy it."

I do forget how to rest.  I always feel that everything needs to be completed before I can go on to the next task or before the day is over.  With my personality, it is mentally difficult to to not complete something at that time.   I am reminded that God is in control and I may be in charge, but I do need to be still and to listen that there is a day that I need to rest.

As I am getting older, I am discovering that resting is not too bad.  And yes, I do feel better mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually when my body does have the rest that it needs.

Find what will assist you in "restoring your soul".  It could mean napping, reading, visiting friends, listening to music, laughing, playing, etc."  Once you discover your means, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


  1. Yeah so many places are open all the time, I know on the Thursday before Good Friday the shops are super crowded why because they are closed on Good Friday and I usually think what you can't manage one day with the shops closed it is one day I just don't get why people feel they have to shop on the day before the shops are closed even if they really don't need stuff.

  2. Sunday is a restful day here though we still probably do more than we should.
    Good post Denise.