Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Penn Station

This morning on Facebook, a picture of Pennsylvania Station(Penn Station) from five years ago popped up.  The caption read "Penn Station.  Everyone watching the board to see what track their train will leave on.  Tonight I got on the wrong train. Fortunately I figured it out before it took off."

Five years ago seems so long ago, but then it seems like it was yesterday.

I had just moved to New York City.  I was living in a hotel on Long Island.  I was commuting daily on the Long Island Railroad(LIRR) into the city to the Elizabeth Arden office.  Taking the train was a new experience for me.  I was accustomed to driving my own car in Houston to get to wherever I needed to go.

The train is the best way to travel in New York.  The office was about 29 miles from where I was living.  Because of traffic it would take 1 1/2 to 3 hours to get into the city(Manhattan). By train it only took about an hour.

Penn Station sits beneath Madison Square Garden and Penn Plaza.  It was built in 1910 and today it serves more than 600,000 commuter rail and Amtrak passengers a day.  It is the rail station for Long Island Railroad(LIRR); Amtrak; New Jersey Transit; NYC Subway and NYC Bus terminal.

If you are ever in New York City, you need to experience Penn Station.  It is fun watching all the different people coming through the station.  There are restaurants, retail stores and drug stores to service the public.  Everyone is in a hurry!

Let's just say I am thankful to be in Colorado, where the pace is a little bit slower!


  1. We've been there. My forest trip through ther was in 1971 just after I was drafted into the Army. I wandered around the city for hours. I love that palace

  2. Not somewhere I will ever get to visit because you know I live down under