Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Wow!  Here it is November 15th and the temperature is 75.  Another beautiful sunny and blue sky day.

As I walked along the Poudre River and saw the reflection of the sun sparkling along the river, I thought about the message that I heard on Sunday regarding promises.  God's promises and how He does take care of us through all our troubles and tribulations.

The pastor's statement was "when it comes to tough times, what we do with the promises of God can make all the difference.  If we believe God keeps his word, we will be confident and courageous. Life may not be easy, but we know God is for us and is with us."  It was so comforting to know that God never breaks his promises.

So what does the word promise mean?  Webster says that promise means "a statement telling someone that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen in the future."

Promises - we have all made promises to someone.  We either followed through with the promise or we didn't.  How many times have you been hurt by someone, who promised you something, but it didn't come about?  I would say that it has happened to all of us.

As I finished my walk, I walked away knowing that my life is like the river flowing along.  There are rocks along the path and those rocks (just like someone making promises and not following through) will either stop the river or redirect the path.

People may not keep their promises, but God always does.  He is always there to help us through those tough times.

"I will lead my blind people by roads they have never traveled.  I will turn their darkness into light and make rough country smooth before them.  These are my promises and I will keep them without fail."  Isaiah 42:16


  1. Too often, at the end of a heart-wrenching post, someone will write something like praying for you or love and prayers. An easy way to exit the post painlessly. Now I write I Promise, write down the name on a post it. Make a promise and keep it.