Friday, February 24, 2017


Just two days ago it was 70 degrees, sunny, warm and a hint of spring was in the air.

Today we are enjoying an overcast, cold day.  There is such a quietness in the air.  The quietness does make you stop and enjoy your surroundings.

After traveling all week, it feels good to be inside my warm home, watching the white fluffy snowflakes as they fall through the sky and hit the ground.

Today was all about quietness.  I read this quote, "quietness is the beginning of virtue.  To be silent is to be beautiful.  Stars do not make a noise."

There are days you need to be still and listen.  God gave us two ears and one mouth.  Today will be all about listening.  As I relax, I can feel my heart as it beeps very steadily and my breathing is very slow.  My eyes are shut and I now can understand the verse "be still and know that I am God".  Only as we are quiet, can we truly get in touch with what God wants us to do.

Take time to enjoy the "quietness".

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