Wednesday, August 9, 2017

An Earnest Request

As I have been on my journey of understanding my role in life, I have begun to understand that God wants me to come before Him to request for the needs of the people around me.

This past Sunday, one of the preachers talked about how the whole world longs for a spiritual connection with God. Some people feel that God is always with them and some feel as if God isn't listening to them.  That He never hears them and that their prayers(requests) are just bouncing off the ceiling.

There is no "magical formula" in praying to God.  He wants us to talk with Him about our hopes, our dreams, our desires, our hurts, our disbelief, our pain, etc.

Even the disciples came before Jesus and asked Him to teach them to pray.

Jesus taught them the Lord's prayer.  It is okay to come before God with the same prayer request(over and over and over).  He encourages persistent prayer, when we pray with a sincere and honest heart. He also encourages us to be faithful.

Until others feel comfortable in praying, I will continue to pray for the wisdom/direction or healing that they need in their life.

We are like these "Black Eyed Susans" when we have God in our life.   These flowers are very versatile to heat and drought.  These beautiful yellow flowers with the dark, brown-purple centers with-stand the obstacles around them.  We also with-stand the obstacles around us when we allow God to direct us.

Keep on Praying!

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