Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Champagne Bay

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling so "chipper" so we decided to stay on board.  I do believe the desserts, wine and rich food have finally gotten to me.

The Dawn Princess was anchored in Champagne Bay and passengers were taken ashore using the ship's tender service.

From the ship, I was able to see the white sand and blue/green water.  Champagne Bay edges the east coast of Santo.  A freshwater spring flows into the lagoon and at low tide you can experience a bubbling sensation, hence the name Champagne Bay.

This is the area where James Michener, who was an American Lieutenant during WWII, was inspired to write "Tales of South Pacific".  From this book, the musical "South Pacific" was developed.

With all the beautiful places, we have seen, we continue enjoy conversing with all the many people on board.

Our dinner companions, Ian & Marge have a wonderful story.  They have been married 55 years and have three children and six grandchildren.  They live north of Sydney and since retiring have traveled all over the world.

Another couple at the table is from New Zealand.  They have been married two years.  They met on line and then realized they only lived a block away from each other.  This is the husband's first crew and his wife's second.

We departed Luganville as the water splashed on the deck and we ended the evening with our nightly walk.

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