Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

I woke up after enjoying another peaceful night of sleep.

It is a glorious day!  It is Christmas Eve and my birthday!  A new day at sea!

Yesterday, our first full sea day, the morning started out with the Captain announcing that a passenger had become extremely ill during the night.  A helicopter would be dropping off a medic crew to examine the sick passenger.  The chopper would then go back to shore to refuel and be back to pick up the medic crew and passenger.  This process took almost three hours and certain areas of the ship would be blocked off.

The rest of the day went extremely well.  A day of relaxation and getting familiar with the ship.

The evening dinner was formal attire.  Kenny and I "tidied-up" well.  Our dinner table included two other couples from Australia.

One of the couples, Mary & Mike, are delightful.  They had immigrated from England to Australia back in 1971.  They left England with their two children, ages 7 & 4, and sailed for twenty-eight days to reach Adelaide.  A friend of Mary's sponsored them so that could have a new beginning and a better life for their family.

We ended the evening attending a comedy show with Marge and Ian, another delightful Aussie couple.

Today will be another day of laughing, singing and dancing!  And who knows, maybe tonight is karaoke night!


  1. May your Christmas (& birthday) cruise continue to be cheerful!!

  2. Happy birthday & Merry Christmas Denise.

  3. I hope you don't have someone taking their teeth out and clean them at the table although some people wouldn't have a problem with that others would be disgusted by such a thing. That said I hope you had a wonderful birthday and really enjoying the cruise