Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas from the South Pacific!

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated my birthday at dinner with the lovely couples that we have met on board.  They made my birthday special by singing "happy birthday" and giving me a cake.

The remainder of the evening was enjoying the festivities on board.  Everyone was in the Christmas spirit and the children were anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival on Christmas Day.

Upon arriving at our room, we found that our steward had decorated the room for my birthday and our 30th anniversary.  It was decorated with chocolate candy, cards, balloons and the handmade swan figurines.

We awoke to Christmas on the other side of the world!

It's astounding to contemplate that over 2,000 years ago, the angels were telling the shepherds, "Fear not, we bring you good news.  A child is born, who is Christ the Lord!".  Such profound words!

These words are what gives me the peace and the hope that I need on a daily basis.  The good news is that these words are not just for me, but for all people, from all walks of life.

Merry Christmas!  May your year be filled with peace, prosperity and joy!


  1. Merry Birthday and Happy Christmas :) that sounds like an amazing voyage.

  2. Merry Christmas back at ya, I had a good one, got some nice presents and now I am done for another year