Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pay It Forward!

This week I got to experience the phrase "Pay It Forward!"  I was the recipient.

On Tuesday, I met some friends for drinks, appetizers and to exchange gifts.  It was one of those cold evenings and we were fortunate to be sitting right next to the fireplace.  The restaurant was all decked out with the green garland and red poinsettias.

Sitting next to our table was a sweet couple.  The husband was celebrating his "74th birthday".  They were so talkative and cheerful.  As the waitress brought out his chocolate cake with ice cream and a flaming candle on top, my friends and I started singing "happy birthday" to him.  He smiled from ear to ear.

As they were leaving, they stopped by our table and thanked us for joining in on his birthday celebration.  His wife had been ill and this was their first venture out in a while.  They were such a delightful couple.

As my friends and I got ready to leave, we asked for our check and our waiter told us that the couple had picked up our tab.  We were so surprised because we didn't even know this couple.

Once again this showed me how everyone wants to be treated kindly, with respect and just to be acknowledged as a person.

As I think about this evening, I also think about how God has "payed it forward" by sending His son, Jesus to die for us and to save us and to give us eternal life.

Remember that Jesus is the "reason for the season"!

Merry Christmas!  This week take the time to "pay it forward" with a smile, treating people kindly or maybe even paying for the coffee for the person behind as you stand in line at Starbuck or at another cafe.